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Smoke and Odor Eliminator candles are great for cigars, cigarettes, pipes, pet smells, mildew smells and common household odors. Enzyme formulated candle, attacks and removes smoke and odors when burning. This fragrant candle make wonderful gifts even for non-smokers!


Cherry Odor Eliminator - A bright crisp and clean Cherry scent.

Citrus Odor Eliminator - A fresh clean citrus blend.

Floral Odor Eliminator - A fresh blend of honeysuckle.

Regular Odor Eliminator - An airy scent of fresh and clean.

Terrandy's Odor Eliminator - An earthy spicy blend with sweet notes and a hint of blueberry.

Spiced Odor Eliminator - A crisp clean fresh scent with notes of spice.

Smoke & Odor Eliminator Candle

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